Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 4.57.31 PMI’ve been involved in design since 1999 when I started laying out the pages for my college newspaper and playing around with photoshop in my spare time. It didn’t take long until I was teaching future editors of the paper how to use the programs I had learned not too long before them. After college I continued my personal education with graphic design and worked for an advertisement agency, The Fletcher Group. When I left TFG I worked for Patty Stewart Photography astheir Digital Technician. There, I mastered the art of photo manipulation, streamlining their digital workflow, as well as handling design work for advertisements. After leaving Patty Stewart I worked for Howard Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, as the Marketing Graphic Designer where I put together advertisements, web videos, and marketing materials used on a national level. I designed advertising campaigns for Rick Warren, Kathy Ireland, and other national bestselling authors.

Frank WinstonThroughout all this, and before, I have written. Though my practice with writing has been sporadic, I have committed myself to following my original passion in hopes to become a published author. I currently have a short story on Amazon titled, “Frank Winston.” It is my first of what I hope to be a series of short stories where certain characters will overlap each tale.

JPower Design is an extension of the services I am capable of providing to any business or individual. It is also a platform for me to share my thoughts and my writing abilities to the world. Feel free to contact me or visit my facebook page. You can follow me on Twitter @PowerJacobE.

If you are interested in any materials I have available for purchase please visit my shop.

To see more of my design work check out my Portfolio.


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