Waiting and waiting and waiting

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 9.20.47 AMWith NaNoWriMo approaching, I’m finding it difficult waiting for the green light (November 1) to get started on my project. I’ve tried to keep myself busy with the outline I’m working on, but I really want to sink my teeth into the pounding out content. I’m not one to spend this much time on an outline since I mainly use it as a guide to certain things I want the story to hit on, or key plot points.

Another problem I have is I currently have two outlines for two different stories I would like to write. One I’ve had for a short time and the other is the latest idea for a novel. One is a continuation of a novel I wrote (not published), but this book, even though it could be considered a sequel, could stand alone. The other stems off the short story from last weeks blog. I know last weeks story leaves a lot of qct.


Come on November! Hurry up and get here so I can get some work done!

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