(Yet to be titled)

IMG_2642Of all the post I’ve seen on various blogs the ones I don’t like are the ones that start off, “I haven’t been here in a while,” or some variation of that. So now I have some news.

Since my last post (groan), I’ve been busy with my day job, reading, taking care of kids, as well as finishing a short story. For anyone who knows me, or keep up with what I’m trying to accomplish with these short stories, know that they are related. Not so much as in a series sort of way, but more like the same fictional universe. Some of the characters from one story are featured, or discussed, or whatever in another. The first story, “Frank Winston,” focuses on two aging ex-low level smugglers trying to stay on the straight and narrow, but want to make easy money as well. They take on a job transporting stolen goods only to come face to face with a hit man employed to take out Frank and Winston’s so called employer. This hit man/enforcer, Desmond Reid, is also featured in my latest short story (yet to be titled). This story deals with Tim Gallagher, a local bar owner, getting a heads up that his establishment will be robbed. This event is Desmond’s first job under the employment of Mickey Russo. On a timeline, this story takes place years before “Frank Winston.”Though both stories are independent from one another, both share characters. Think of Kevin Smith and his movies involving Jay and Silent Bob.

Of course these short stories are related to the novel I have written, “The Price of Favors.” This tale is focused on Desmond. How he came to be the man he is, the dwindling organization he works for, and how he utilizes his skills to enact the justice he feels is deserved.

Soon, I hope to have the new short story edited, headline picked out, cover designed, and out for the masses to enjoy. Hopefully after that, “The Price of Favors” will be refined, and so on.

So, keep an eye out for new things to come from yours truly.

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