So what’s going on?

There’s been a lot going on since the last time I posted. In addition to the flash fiction posts I’ve been busy working on a short story I hope to finish soon. Then it will be a round of proofing, editing, and so on before self-publishing this as well. A few of the characters either made an appearance, or were mentioned in “Frank Winston,” are in this one as well. It’s my plan to have a series of short stories that will be related based on some of the characters in each of the tales. Kind of like Kevin Smith’s first five movies featured some of the same characters. Regardless of my efforts I still don’t have a working title for it other than “Booze Payment,” which I am not too crazy about. I’ve also been shopping out my novel again by sending out queries to agents as well as joining Anyone interested in getting involved in a writing group should check it out. There’s a great assortment of people there, including agents. In addition to this I’m also in the process of writing a guest blog, as well as finishing a question and answer interview. So, keep your fingers crossed, and hopefully there will be some more news in the coming week.

Take care.

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