ANNOUNCEMENT: Short Story Now for Sale

Frank Winston

My short story, “Frank Winston,” is now available on Amazon, and Kindle Unlimited. I’ve written about this story before here on the blog. You can read a sample of it here. It’s a tale of two old guys who are crass and ornery. Think Grumpy Old Men, but in the mob (to a slight extent). They haven’t had the best of luck in their years and seem to give each other the same amount of trouble that they get themselves into.

Here is the blurb.

Frank Winston is not just one guy, but two elderly ex-cons trying to make some extra money. With the recent purchase of a customized used van, they set out to find their fortunes. Curt Ferrero calls the men to transport some stolen goods to a buyer while the owner of these goods, a mid level gangster and Ferrero’s boss, wants to put an end to Ferrero’s ways. Frank and Winston are caught in the middle of an internal squabble in the mob that these grumpy old men don’t wants to be a part of. They just want some extra cash, but will they be able get out without getting into trouble?

This is my first attempt at self publishing and I’m excited to finally have something of mine out there in the real world, or digital world, or… You know what I mean.

So please, go here:, buy a copy, and leave a review. Enjoy.

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