Happy New Year. It’s time to get to work.

So here it is. It is the first official post of the New Year, and what better way than to list all the things I would like to accomplish. You know what? Fuck that. I would like to do lots of things. I would like to figure out how to open my skull and pour knowledge and superhuman powers in there, but that’s not going to happen. As much as I like the idea of mind reading, flying and bending crowbars with the power of my mind, I should focus on what I really have control over. That’s me. Lets focus on what I am going to do. If I’m going to set goals then I shouldn’t use passive shit like, “would like to.” In fact I shouldn’t even be thinking like the last sentence at all. So lets start again.

I’m also going to start utilizing the exercise equipment residing in my house. Otherwise, it’s useless stuff taking up space. The elliptical machine is so inefficient at the moment it’s not even preforming the simple task of clothes hanger storage. I’m going to dust off that machine and allow it to punish me for not paying it any attention. The main goal for this year is my writing. I am going to write another book by June. I’ll also continue with any short story ideas I come up with in addition to utilizing this blog, either documenting the process, or just rambling on like a crazy person. I’m going to continue my search for an agent and publication of THE PRICE OF FAVORS. I’m going to visit my first book, currently untitled, and see if I can go back and redo the whole thing and make it more viable. If it’s not worth it, then say to hell with it and keep moving forward. Now I just need to do the one thing that makes a writer a writer. Sit my ass in a chair and write. Make a world where the little people I create begin to breath in and out, form ideas, talk to others, and make shit happen. It sounds fun, because it is.

So, I say Happy New Year to all. The vastness of the internet will have a more prevalent voice from yours truly. Hope everyone enjoys.

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